About Us

Regarding Us

The aim of this organization is to conduct works like seminars, ceremonies, camp conferences, street plays, exhibitions, film screenings, fairs, cultural programs, puppets, programs, etc. to awaken public consciousness in the public. To provide elementary education to children and to teach them to higher education, to do various constructive work such as setting up and running of child education centers, kindergarten, Balmandir, Balgriha, Palnagriha adult education, cultural education center, etc.

Strive for social, educational and cultural unity and progress of the residents of the area. And organize seminars and cultural programs from time to time. To organize a reading room, library, etc. and organize cultural festivals jointly.

The main objectives of this Organisation

  • All-round development of students.
  • Improving conduct with education.
  • Promoting universal education
  • To awaken the citizens towards education.
  • To make education deprived citizens aware of education.
  • Sitting up Medical camp and do health prevention work.

Being Millionaire or a successful entrepreneur is not great, being human & Humanity is the greatest of all. Show a little compassion to your fellow beings.

Our mission is to give life.